When Sonam ignored Anand’s first proposal, know her love story with Anand Ahuja

Actor and fashion icon Sonam Kapoor celebrated her 36th birthday earlier this week. Born into a family of movie celebs, Sonam has excavated a space for herself through her journey of many ups and downs, and has tested with various genres and roles from marketable entertainers to gripping award-winning movies like Neerja. Even after staying away from movies for the past couple of years, the actor has still governed to remain in the limelight with her public arrivals and gorgeous photoshoots.

Sonam’s life is nothing smaller than a Bollywood film—and her relationship with her husband Anand Ahuja and their love-life is also not a point less than a Bollywood twist.

However, Sonam’s friends were striving to set her up with businessman Anand Ahuja’s best friend at initial. Clearly, she met Anand when she was involved with the promotions of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015). One day, her friends ‘conned’ her into touring a bar and saw that her friends had visited three boys. She flatly told that she didn’t believe in marriage “and all this nonsense”, and that she didn’t want to date anybody. In a talk to Filmfare, she told, “I saw Anand and his friend. His friend was tall like me, liked reading like me and was a huge fan of Hindi movies. He was an educated and a nice guy. But he reminded me too much of my brother Harsh (Kapoor). I was like, ‘Dude, he’s Harsh. I’m not going to date this guy’.”

On the show Feet Up With The Stars, Sonam told that before he went down on one knee for her, he had certainly written her a long letter months before he proposed. “In June, on my birthday, he wrote me this long letter about how he thinks he needs to spend the rest of his life with me but it was not really a proposal. I was like, he is saying all of this but he is not getting down on one knee so I ignored it.”

Months later on a ‘very bad day’ as Sonam narrated, he proposed. Sonam was disturbed as she had lost her favourite pair of sunglasses and they had a ‘stupid fight’. She told, “He picked me up from my pilates class, which was a huge disaster as well, and I was really pissed off. I remember we were walking to the hotel. He had his bike…he likes to cycle…and I was walking with him. He just got down on his knee in the middle of the New York street and said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I was like, ‘I was such a b***h all day’.” Reacting to his proposal, Sonam told yes and also went down on her knees.

After keeping her love life private for many years, Sonam finally went public with her relationship with him by 2017. They got married in an extravagant wedding in 2018, that witnessed several Bollywood celebs in attendance.