“When a crisis comes, the best way out is to just hold hands:” Divya Dutta on cyclone Tauktae

Divya Dutta talked about Tuktae; the cyclone that recently hit Mumbai. She said “There was no electricity, no WiFi. One was disconnected, in times like these when they really need to be connected [with each other]. It has been shaking up. Some of my friends messaged me from Goa, and said there was also no electricity at their place as well.”

She then also recalled the fright that the news about Nisagra created. She said “I had to close my windows (when cyclone Nisarga had hit Mumbai). Thankfully then it passed through from somewhere else. I feel such testing times bring everyone together.”

She then also talked about how a crisis brings people together. She said “When a crisis comes, the best way out is to just hold hands, there’s no other way. This is sheer helplessness. We were already dealing with a pandemic… but it also brings us very much together. This time, specifically with the second wave of Covid-19 coming in, people have gotten together,”

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