We were given creative liberty to work on ‘Yaar Mere Donali’: Composer Manik Batra

Music composer trio ‘Satya Manik Afsar’ recently released their song ‘Yaar Mere Donali’, produced by CCA Group of Gwalior, in collaboration with Leitmotif Records Mumbai. The song was sung by newcomer Animesh Mishra and is being well-received by the audience.

Since the singer was finalized well before the tune of this song was created, we got in touch with Manik Batra to talk about any difference in the experience of making this song. “Most of the time, we create a song, fine-tune it and then give it to a singer. But in this case, Animesh’s name was finalized beforehand and we did the rest of the work keeping his voice in mind. Also, this was different because Animesh had a basic tune in his mind and we only tried to help him tune it. As for the lyrics, they were written by Vikash Diljani – who is also new to the industry and has never written professionally. So we also sat together to make certain changes and bring out the final product.”

He added, “Ashok Kumar, one of the partners in CCA group, made me listen to Animesh’s voice over the phone in October 2020. For the next few months, we spoke over the phone only because of partial lockdown and discussed the basic idea given by Animesh. In January 2021, we met him in Bhopal and dubbed his vocals then and there. It was his first experience of recording in a studio, but he did his best. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible and I think, everything turned out pretty well.”

Batra also states that what he loved the most about working on his project was ‘no interference from producers and complete creative liberty. “I am glad that they allowed us to show our best. When we presented the final song, they liked it and that’s what made us happier.