“Wanted to enjoy life for two years before planning baby”, reveals Sonam Kapoor

Mom-to-be Sonam Kapoor confirmed her pregnancy last month by posting a few pictures from her maternity photoshoot. Since then, she has made a public arrival and has also posted another set of photos from her maternity shoot. The Bollywood star is trying to be active during her pregnancy but is definitely facing difficulties. Still, she says being prepared to “create another life” is a “blessing.”

Recently, Sonam disclosed in an interview with Vogue that she and her husband Anand Ahuja had decided that they would celebrate the first two years of their marriage before trying to conceive. She told, “It was the perfect timing for us. We will be married for four years this May, so we wanted two years just to enjoy ourselves and then we started trying and then it worked out. It’s a huge blessing.”

Sonam and Anand got wedded on May 8, 2018. The wedding celebrations went on for three days and witnessed the appearing together of the who’s who of the Hindi movie industry.

However, Sonam’s pregnancy hasn’t been totally smooth. She feels people always only discuss about how bracing motherhood is ‘beautiful and amazing’ but nobody ever “tells you how difficult it is going to be.”

Talking about her pregnancy, Sonam revealed, “I have realised to carry or to create another life, you need to respect your own and take care of your own. The first three months were very tough, nobody tells you how difficult it is going to be, but it’s difficult. Your body changes every week, every day and there are new experiences.” She disclosed that there have been days when she could not sleep and then there have been days when she slept for 10-12 hours and nobody could wake her up.

After experiencing pregnancy herself, the actor told that women should be given credit for creating life. She concluded, “Everybody talks about how beautiful the journey is and how lucky you are, but nobody says how difficult it can be. Every woman should be given credit for it.”