Vidya Balan opens up on pay disparity in industry; reacts to life post marriage for women question & more

Vidya Balan is a powerhouse of power and a reflection of it has been glimpsed in the kind of movies that she has done so far. She is normally glimpsed portraying strong female roles and was recently glimpsed having fun and light-hearted conversation with her fans on Instagram. She conducted ‘Ask Me Anything’ session and was her unfiltered self.

She let fans ask questions on ‘Women, Work and Women At Work.’ Her replies revealed the trait of courage that she holds up with her wherever she gets on. One of the followers penned, “Women can’t do things.” The actress’ reaction to this statement was, “Are you telling me or asking me.” Another one had questions about how work life has transformed post marriage. Vidya Balan had the best ever retort to that question! She penned, “It did, for the better. It was ‘I work’ before, it became ‘We work’ now.”

Vidya Balan was inquired why are women paid less as related to men. She answered stating, “Is sawal ka jawab mujhe bhi chahiye.” (Even I need an answer to this question)

While on the opposite, when inquired if being financially pendant on their husband is false, the actress answered telling, “No, Not at all, it’s her choice, but I personally feel coffee tastes better when you can afford it yourself.” You heard it! “It’s your choice!”.

Vidya Balan is recognized for her witty reactions. She was inquired why most of the firm CEOs are male, and the actress answered, “I guess because women entered the workforce late.”

The 43-year-old previously returned from London after summing up the schedule of her forthcoming movie Neeyat. On the other hand, she is in talks for some unannounced projects.