Vicky Kaushal’s stylist reveals how vicky was chillest groom, reveals Katrina Kaif’s question during weeding

Amandeep Kaur, Vicky Kaushal’s stylist for his marriage, has talk about how the actor was ‘not one of those crazy grooms who are panic-struck all the time’. In an conversation, Amandeep recalled that the actor’s wife, actor Katrina Kaif had questioned her during the wedding if Vicky had ‘those moments’. She also disclosed that Vicky was the ‘chillest groom of all time’.

Vicky and Katrina got married at Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan on December 9, 2021. For the marriage, Vicky wore a cream and golden coloured sherwani, a matching turban and a green neckpiece. Katrina was outfitted in a red and golden outfit paired with traditional jewellery.

In an conversation with Pinkvilla, Amandeep revealed, “I have to give him a lot of credit that he was not one of those crazy grooms who are panic-struck all the time. Even during the wedding, Katrina asked me ‘So how was it to style Vicky? Did he have those moments?’. You know how bride and groom need to know about each other that what was it like, were they getting jitters? And I said, ‘He was the chillest groom of all time. His aim was ‘I want to party, I want to have a good time’.”

She also told, “I couldn’t have asked for a better, a more positive calmer groom in life to style. I remember with Vicky we were on his wedding day, I was there, his brother, best friend and safa (turban) tying people were also there…He was truly happy, I hope he remains this happy. He was just so excited. I was just surprised at how beautifully, gracefully, he went through the entire event.”

Nowadays, Katrina and Vicky are holidaying in New York and recently toured actor Priyanka Chopra’s New York restaurant, Sona.