‘Vicky Kaushal is a fabulous actor,’ Amruta Khanvilkar speaks about three years of film Raazi

Raazi is a film that stole hearts of cinephiles as they had the box office crashed.  Meghna Gluzar’s perfectly weaved masterpiece was made stronger by her perfectly chosen cast. Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal, the youth sensations just seemed to make the movie natural and smooth. Among the cast, the explicit role of the sister-in-law was played by actor, Amruta Khanvilkar and as they complete three years of the film, Amruta speaks about her nostalgic moments.

Amruta had got on board by auditioning under Jogi ji who directly helped her reach Meghna’s office where she was offered the role of Munira. She says that Meghna is a fine director who has so much of warmth and kindness. Munira’s character was very clam and Amruta says that it was the vibes of the director that got transferred to her.

Speaking about the co-actors, Amruta says that Vicky is a a fabulous guy who loves watching films beyond langue and being a Mumbaikar, she says, he speaks good Marathi too. Amruta was mesmerized to watch Alia in her character and workspace. To portray the character of Sehmat, she says, was absolutely an outstanding job by Alia. Amruta further speaks about Soni Razdan and Rajit on set by saying that they are very chilled and fun people to gel around and they’re full of energy and made her feel comfortable.

To commemorate three years of the film, Amruta shares a throwback video: