Umar Riaz’s fans slam Rashami Desai for being too touchy with the former, WATCH VIDEO

Big Boss has been making the headlines for quite a while now. Recently A Bigg Boss 15 viewer claimed that Rashmi Desai was being ‘touchy’ with Umar Riaz and even shared a clip. The Twitter user, @monikaxtweets, claimed that the clip was proof of Rashami touching Umar ‘inappropriately’ from behind in a reply to another Bigg Boss 15 fan who claimed Umar was getting too close with Rashami, the person wrote, “Yes so true Rashami is being so touchy with Umar. When your own fave is a chipku who touches Umar’s butt inappropriately you shouldn’t blame others! Reverse the gender and see the outrage if Umar touched Rashami’s butt.”


Rashami’s fans were quick to come to her defence as one of her fans pointed out that her hands were in her pocket and that she kicked the back of Umar’s knee. “She is not touching his butt, her both hands are in her pockets, usne usko knee jerk Diya hai, guess apne yeh kabhi as a kid nahi kiya.  It’s just faltoo ka masti. Let them be friends and don’t bring in such things. #RashamiDesai,” the fan wrote. While another fan wrote Wo bahar se dost hai unme mazaak chalta hai,” a third fan replied. “Masti kar rahi hai #RashamiDesai.”