The time when Anu Malik slapped himself after hearing Neha Kakkar’s song in Indian Idol audition

Neha Kakkar might be a judge in one of the most popular reality shows, Indian Idol 12, but it wasn’t the case always, as her singing too, was denied by Anu Malik several years back.

Yes, Neha Kakkar had once come to Indian Idol, as a contestant, and was rejected in auditions only, by Anu Malik. This was years before her extremely popular song,  “Second Hand Jawaani”, from Cocktail.

Recently a video of that audition has resurfaced online in which Neha can be seen singing Aisa Lagta Hai from Refugee and after that Anu Malik was not so happy with her performance.

He even said that, he feels like slapping himself after hearing her sing. Anu asked What happened to her? (“Neha Kakkar… Teri awaaz sun kar lagta hai main apne mooh par maaroon thappad, yaar! Kya ho gaya hai tere ko?”)

A twitter user posted a same song on Twitter too, and captioned, “जब नेहा कक्कड़ का गाना सुन कर अनु मलिक ने मारा अपने आप को थप्पड़”