Team of Super Star Singer 2′ washes the feet of new wed bride Sayli Kamble, tears started pouring from her eyes

‘Indian Idol 12’ fame Sayli Kamble had tied the knot a few days back. A few days after the wedding, when the newly wedded bride, Sayli Kamble, reached the sets of ‘Superstar Singer Season 2’, her team members did such a thing that their eyes couldn’t control tears.

Sayli Kamble is in the role of a captain in ‘Superstar Singer 2’. Apart from her, ‘Indian Idol 12’ winner Pawandeep Rajan and first runner-up Arunita Kanjilal are also in the role of captain.

When Sayli Kamble reached the set, her team members gave an emotional surprise. Regarding this, Sayli Kamble said, ‘A special ritual is performed when the daughter of the house gets married. When she comes to her mayka for the first time after marriage, the brother washes his sister’s feet and does a small puja. But in my case, it never happened because I don’t have a brother. But the singers in my team planned a surprise for me and they did the ritual.’

Wearing red dupatta performed the ritual, Sayli Kamble cried.

According to Saylee Kamble, the male singers of her team washed her feet on the sets. She said, ‘They had brought a red dupatta which I had to wear for the ritual. Then they made me sit on a beautiful stool and put flower petals in the water which was used to wash my feet. It was my first shoot after my wedding so it was like going to my mayka. What they did for me is so special and I couldn’t thank them enough. In today’s time when I find people so considerate, kind and caring it fills my heart with happiness and love.”