Sussanne Khan & Vir Das tests positive for Omicron, Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor test negative for the Virus

Vir Das, a stand-up comedian, and actor, and Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan’s former wife, and an interior designer, both recently tested positive for the coronavirus. Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, on the other hand, have tested negative for the virus. Actor Sathyaraj has been released from the hospital after catching Covid-19.

However, Janhvi revealed on Instagram that she and her sister Khushi Kapoor have also tested negative, amid claims that Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor had tested negative. She wrote, “Hey guys, so I and my sister tested positive for Covid-19 on the 3rd January. We have now completed the BMC required days of home isolation and have both tested negative. First two days were tough, and then every other day got better. The only way to protect ourselves from this virus is to mask up and vaccinate. Take care everyone!!”

Moreover, Sathayaraj’s son Sibi Sathyaraj tweeted, “Hey guys..Appa got discharged from the hospital last night and back home..He’s totally fine and will resume work after few days of rest..Thank you all for your love and support!” After playing Kattappa in the Baahubali series, the seasoned actor rose to national prominence.

Vir Das has been sequestered at home because to minor Covid-19 symptoms. He even joked about taking up needlework while he is confined at home, being his cheery nature. In a social media post, Das wrote, “Right. I’ve tested positive for Covid-19. Mild symptoms. Aches and a sore throat. Isolated at home. Had only been in contact with two other people in the last month and thankfully they are both negative.”

He added, “Now I am in a room. I have three pillows and a quilt. I’m seriously considering embroidery. Depending on how long this takes, I may wind up with no quilts and 6 pillows, or like 2 quilts. If I had to choose a market, I’d choose quilts over pillows, more exclusive. Almost everyone has a pillow they love. Not everyone has a nice quilt.” Further, he asked the citizens to wear masks and take necessary precautions. “The point of all this is to wear a mask and get boosted. Hope you and your family are safe,” he wrote. He captioned his post, “Symptoms very minor. Gonna chill for a bit. Peace.”

Sussanne, sharing her corona diagonosis, wrote, “After dodging Covid-19 for 2 years, In the 3rd year of 2022 the stubborn omricon variant has finally infiltrated my immune system. I tested positive last night.” Positive about fighting the virus strongly, she added, “Please be safe and take care of yourselves diligently. This is a very contagious one. #Willfightthis #omicronvariant #covid2022doesnotwelcomeyou 😷🤞🏻🤒🤒” Sussanne also shared a picture of herself that she clicked in front of the mirror. In the photo, she is seen in her gym outfit.