Sugandha Mishra mimics Lata Mangeshkar on her wedding; mimicry on point

Comedian and constituent of the Kapil Sharma Show crew, Sugandha Mishra recently tied the knot with her co-star love, Sanket Bhosle. Sugandha is known for her mimicry which has been on point always. Recently she has posted a picture on her Instagram in which she is dressed in her Bridal attire while mimicking the popular singer Lata Mangeshkar.

There is talk about the video being recorded on the day of her marriage and is being said that the mimicry has some connection with Lata ji’s sister Asha Bhosle too.

Sugandha has married a Maharashtrian lad and thus will have to given in to the family of Bhosle’s. In her video, she expresses that she wanted to be a part of Lata ji’s family.  Therefore she says that she is marrying a Bhosle as Asha ji’s last name is Bhosle and that will rather help her to connect. Well this is just a light comedy that Sugandha has engaged the audience into.

However, Sugandha seems to have already flown in to the Marathi culture as she has posted a post wedding picture on Instagram where she is dressed in a nine yard saree with bangles, gajra, gold and the Marathi nose ring.

The couple was unfortunately caught in a controversy earlier this month as they were accused of breaking the pandemic rules on their wedding. The news lies untouched and will be disclosed as the events follow.