Sonu Nigam claims Tripura DM ruined the wedding, asks, “How dare you speak to people like this?”

Singer Sonu Nigam on Wednesday shared a video on his Instagram handle of a place he was concern about. The incident took place in west Tripura District, where people were seen gathered for marriage ceremony.

Sonu Nigam uploaded the video captioning it “District Magistrate Shailesh Kumar Yadav, this is deplorable”.

In the video it was seen Sonu Nigam claiming that the District Magistrate Sailesh Kumar Yadav entered in between the marriage ceremony and scolded the bridegroom and the guest.

According to Sonu Nigam, the official ruined the special day of the family . He said even if the family was breaking the rule he would have at least been respectful rather than showing disrespect. “Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is respectful with his citizen unlike Sailesh Kumar Yadav.”


On Tuesday, Sailesh Kumar Yadav apologized for ruining the marriage ceremony at Maikya Court in Tripura. He said, Iit wasn’t my intention to do so. I was just doing my duty last night I had no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments.  People were gathered at the wedding and it’s a violation of section 144.”