Shruti Haasan talks about maintaining a positive outlook while dealing with hormonal disorders

Shruti Haasan as of late posted an Instagram post from one of her workout sessions, where she talked about dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. The actress, who has been vocal about her fitness journey, shared with fans how she was facing these disorders, and how she keeps herself positive through it all.

On Wednesday, Shruti posted a video of herself working out on Instagram Reels. In the video, Shruti – wearing a black tank top and lowers – could be seen in a gym, performing different exercises. In the caption of the post, the actress spoke about confronting hormonal issues during her workout.

She wrote, “Work out with! me I’ve been facing some of the worst hormonal issues with my PCOS and endometriosis – women know it’s a tough fight with imbalance and bloating and metabolic challenges – but instead of looking at it as a fight, I choose to accept is as natural movement that my body goes through to do its best and I say ‘thank you’ by eating right sleeping well and enjoying my work out.”

She added, “My body isn’t perfect right now but my heart is. Keep fit keep happy and let those happy hormones flow!!! I know I sound a tad preachy but it’s been such a journey to accept these challenges and not let them define me. So, I’m so happy to share this with all of you.”

Fans reacted to her post.  One fan wrote, “Keep it up, continuously.” Another commented, “Impressive attitude.” Many others praised Shruti’s workout as well.