SHOCKING! Kangana Ranaut reveals she was banned from the film industry after supporting MeToo movement

Kangana Ranaut is the undisputed queen of Bollywood, thanks to her outspoken personality and outstanding acting abilities. Representing her true nature once more when hosting the popular reality show Lock Upp, she made a shocking revelation after one of the show’s competitors, Saisha Shinde, disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted at a young age.

Kangana Ranaut remembers being banned by the film industry for supporting Tanushree Dutta-started MeToo movement. In the episode, while revealing the dark side of Bollywood, she said,

“Even when MeToo happened here, what happened to that? Nothing. Wo ladkiyan jo bahar aayi this, gayab hain, sabki sab gayab hain from the face of this planet. Aur jinko maine support kiya tha, I was banned from the industry, and ladkiyan gayab hain.”

Later in the episode, Kangana confessed that sexual exploitation occurs in many industries, but she feels that in the entertainment sector, individuals have a licence since they point out the victims’ attire and gossip about them, implying that it’s alright for it to happen to them.

Apart from this, she also revealed that she was also sexually abused at a young age. The show Lock Upp reality show hosted by Kangana Ranaut features several controversial contestants and those contestants always revealed their secrets from time to time in order to save themselves from elimination.

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