Shaktimaan fame ’Mukesh Khanna’ breaks silence on his death rumours, says “I’m perfectly alright”

Mukesh Khanna is an Indian film & television actor who has worked in many films & shows. He is mainly recognized by his roles as ‘Shaktimaan’ in DD national’s show Shaktimaan & ‘Bheeshma Pitamah’ in Mahabharat.

After the spread of this rumour that he is no more, Mukesh Khanna started getting calls simultaneously with people asking if he is alive or not. Mukesh took it his social media handles by posting a video stating, ‘he is perfectly fine and safe’. Khanna also slammed those who spread false rumours about him, adding that this is the problem with social media.

The Mahabharat actor captioned the video, “With your blessings, I am completely healthy and safe. I haven’t contracted the virus and I was not admitted to any hospital. I don’t know who created this rumour and I don’t know what is the intention of those who spread such rumours. They tamper with people’s emotions with such false news.

What should be the treatment for such mentally unstable people? Who will punish their misdeeds? Enough is enough. Now it is too much. There should be a stop on such fake news,” he concluded.
“I am glad that I am perfectly fine and such a rumour about me was terrible. It causes stress on not just me but my family as well,” he added.