Shah Rukh Khan And Amitabh Bachchan’s Cutest Social Media Banter On ‘Badla’! Don’t Miss It!

Amitabh Bachchan has a complaint about the makers of his latest release ‘Badla’ which also stars Taapsee Pannu. The actor is a bit miffed that no one is talking about the silent success of the film. So taking it to Twitter, Big B expressed his views and said that as no one is addressing the success of the film, he should. Big B tweeted, “… about time someone started talking about this silent success .. !! because neither the Producer, nor the distributor, nor the on line Producer, or any else in the Industry, in general .. has even spent a nano second to compliment the success of this film .. thk u”.

After reading his tweet, being the producer of Badla, Shah Rukh Khan replied in just a few minutes. Khan said that he is actually waiting for Big B to arrange a party. He tweeted, “Sir hum toh wait kar rahein hain ki aap party kab de rahein hain hum sabko! We r waiting outside Jalsa every nite!”

It took just a few more minutes for Big B to strike back at Shah Rukh’s tweet. Big said that he was the one who had worked in the film and SRK the one who produced, so why should he give a party. “oye … फ़िल्म में काम हमने kiya, produce आपने किया, promotions में निस्वार्थ  योगदान humne diya, अब party भी हम दें  !!!??? 😟😟  .. outside Jalsa every night koi nahin aata!!”

Aren’t celebrity banters the cutest!