‘See you in court,’ says Rangoli Chandel as she claims to sue designer Anand Bhushan

There has been so much going on around actor-director Kangana Ranaut as her Twitter account has been suspended after she opened up on a political controversy. Amidst this scenario, fashion designers, Anand Bhushan and Rimzim Dadu announced that they have cut off all their professional ties with Kangana.

Kangana’s sister, Rangoli took to her Instagram in anger saying that Kangana has never been associated with that brand and says that the announcement is a way of gaining millage by using Kangana’s name. Moreover, she says that Kangana charges crores of rupees for any brand endorsements. The editorial shoot is not brand endorsements and they don’t choose clothes for the same she has said. Rangoli went on to say that the designer is a very small name and thus is wanting to use Kangana, who is an accomplished actress, to promote his brand.

This is the reason why Rangoli has decided to sue the fashion designer by dragging him to court to prove how and when they have endorsements. The sisters have been infuriated by the designer’s statement of cutting ties with the actress and thus have decided to take strict action against him.

While the designer seemed firm and bold on Twitter and Instagram where he announced his big news which was associated with the suspension of Kangana’s Twitter handle, Rangoli Chandel has firmly accused him of using Kangana’s name for trying to become famous.