Salman Khan joins hands with politician Zeeshan Siddique and others to help the people affected by the virus

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread its roots to even reach the impoverished regions where people are often helpless and supplies are scarce. With the surge in infections and the shortage of resources, many people have lost their lives. In such a situation, several celebrities’ have have stood up to reach to the aid of those ailing. Salman Khan has always been a person of charity and now he has joined hands with the frontline figures of the INC to reach those in need. Salman has recently reposted Zeeshan Siddique’s post on Instagram which shows the availability of oxygen concentrators.

The caption of the post announces to the people that the first lot of the oxygen concentrators which consists of 500 concentrators has reached Mumbai and is now available for distribution. The actor has provided a contact number which the patients can use to get in contact with the association and grab a supply for themselves. Salman has also left an option with the audience to either tag or message him directly incase of any urgent need of the supplies.

Salman Khan, or the Bhai of Bollywood has been working for the COVID affected citizens tirelessly. His clothing brand as well as his latest film has also promised a part of their wealth towards the aid of the needy. Other Bollywood figures including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Taapsee Pannu and Sonu Sood are along among the many who are working towards the noble cause.