Salman Khan explains how he got the tag of “Bhai”!

It is impossible to take Salman Khan’s name and not add the “Bhai” suffix! Salman is the Bhai of Bollywood. From being Sallu to being Bhaijaan, even officially (Bajrangi Bhaijaan)!

But have you ever wondered how Salman got the tag of “Bhai”? Well, we are here to end the suspense! Salman himself shared how he got the nickname.

“Earlier the word Bhai had a Dabangg connotation. It was a negative one, The term Bhai would be connected to the underworld,” said Salman.

But how he got the name? Here’s the story!“Sohail calls me Bhai, and all his friends started calling me that. And now even seniors have started calling me Bhai. So, from Sallu to Salle, and Sallubhai to Bhai, it has been a pretty good journey,” he smiles.

The actor is made to blush when pretty young things call him that. “But it also depends,” he laughs. “Some people you really like… and then suddenly ‘Bhai’! The word Bhai doesn’t really sound good. Well, I’ve crossed 50 and it’s very upsetting. But I guess you need to handle it.”

Yeah, that is a major drawback when someone you like, calls you “Bhai”!