Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda’s Spontaneous action sequence on the sets of Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai

After the duo was loved on screen in the film Sultan, Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda are back on the sets of Radhe to reunite and prepare for another blockbuster. Reports tell us that they would be playing antagonist and protagonist this time with Randeep in the negative role.

Randeep spoke to certain sources to reveal that there was a moment when the duo performed an action sequence on the spot while shooting for the film while happened to make a final cut.

Directed by Prabhu Deva and Korean action director Myeong Haeng Heo, the script didn’t have a pre-planned  action scene in the bathroom . However, the directors decided to weave it at that moment and the veteran actors managed to do it without hesitation. With a scene set in a glassed bathroom with flowing water making the floor slipper, Hooda says that it was indeed difficult to carry the act out but they managed to do it with no major injuries.

He adds by saying that Prabhu Deva was flattered by Salman Khan on his imagination of the scene at the last moment. He is also of the opinion that Prabu Deva is an excellent director and know exactly how he wants the designed scene to showcase on the screen.

This exciting film is said to release on Eid this year. With all that fuss with the OTT release, Salman plans to release the movie in a phased manner as and when the situation subsides. OTT will have access to the movies first with a pay and watch system. It will be interesting to watch the duo back on screen and their thrilling action scene.