Rupali Ganguly indicates a Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Anupamaa Colab

Rupali Ganguly recently shared a video to her Instagram handle where both Monisha and Anupama can be seen talking to each other. Monisha tells Anupama that she is a big fan and asks for two autographs. When the latter asks the reason and wonders if another autograph is for her mother-in-law Maya. But Monisha replies, “It’s for Kapoor Kamini, who lives on our fourth floor. I will sell the autograph for Rs 500. Mere aane jaane ka bhada wasool hojayega.” On this Anupama says, “I make my own decisions and I have decided not to give in to this selling autograph business.”

Aa the video proceeds Monisha can be seen telling the audience that very soon Anupama and she are coming together. However, both the characters did not reveal any more details. But this news has already made their fans excited.

The actor is currently essaying the role of Anupamaa in the show Anupamaa which has been receiving an overwhelming response from the audience. Her role is admired by millions, even across the globe. However, this is not the first time she has left a mark on her audience, earlier with her role in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, she was equally appreciated. No one can forget Monisha from the show and her funny antics. The fans had been demanding for a collaboration of both the characters for quite some time and now it seems their wish is going to be granted.