“Rise above your religion,” Kangana taunts Irfan over his tweet on Palestine.

Kangana is known for the controversies across the Bollywood and the political world. She has been opining about several issue that surge up in the news. Recently, she has gotten at loggerheads with the cricketer and cricket commentator, Irfan Pathan. The two have gotten into tensions with each other after Irfan poked Kangana on spreading hate speech in view of her twitter account suspension and accusation on her with respect to the Bengal elections. Now, Kangana has gotten a chance to get back to the cricketer in full swing.

Irfan Pathan had voiced out over the Palestine issue on his twitter handle. He wrote “If you have even the slightest of humanity you will not support what’s happening in #palestine #savehumanity.” This statement of his did not go well with the news site ‘Goa Chronicles’ where Savio Rodrigues has written that, with all du respect, the statement is a biased opinion and religious bigotry. The article further has to say the statement is clearly not in favor of the Jews and is not sympathetic to them. If the cricketer is speaking about humanity, it should be all about every person equally.

This article has been kangana’s point of reference to pin point the  cricketer on the issue. She chose to not say much but to simply upload the screen shot of the article on her Instagram story. She captioned the story as, “Rise above your religion..”

Here is one of her recent videos speaking about politics: