Ram Gopal Varma on his latest movie D Company: This is my dream project

On Friday, director Ram Gopal Varma shared the updates about his gangster movie D Company on Twitter. He announced that the film has released on the streaming service Spark OTT.

Makers revealed that the movie, D Company, stars Ashwat Kanth, Pranay Dixit, Naina Ganguly and Irra Mor. The movie is basically revolved around Dawood Ibrahim who headed a gang in Mumbai which become the world’s most dangerous criminal organisation.

RGV recently opened up about the movie and said, “This is my dream project and my research on the subject matter of D Company came from my extensive interactions over the last 20 years with gangsters to encounter cops to middlemen of the underworld and also many film people who were involved with the underworld. I have always been intrigued to tell the uniqueness of the Indian underworld.” 

“Though Mafia stories have been told multiple times, D Company intends to realistically capture both the characters and incidents responsible for the creation of the most powerful criminal organisation ever in India named after its leader Dawood Ibrahim, who along with his protégée Chota Rajan, held Mumbai city in an iron grip for many decades.”, he further added.

D Company is directed by Ram Gopal Varma and produced by Sagar Manchanuru. The movie was supposed to release in March this year but due to second wave of the pandemic it got delayed.