Rakhi Sawant to have her SECOND marriage soon! Fans suggests, ‘Forgot Ritesh very quickly’

It looks like Rakhi Sawant has made up her mind for a second marriage, we are not saying that Rakhi herself has decided. It has not been a week since Rakhi got separated from her husband Ritesh that she has decided to settle down once again. Reportedly, Rakhi Sawant is in Punjab these days and is having a blast at Bigg Boss 15 fame contestant Afsana Khan and Saajz’s wedding.

Rakhi is trying to forget the sorrow that she faced after her separation from her husband Ritesh, now she seems ready for second marriage. One of her videos is going viral, seeing which fans are giving humorous comments.

In between Afsana’s wedding, they were talking about her marriage. As we all know why do people call Rakhi Sawant a drama queen. Rakhi knows very well how she has to come into the spotlight. Just a few days ago, Rakhi was dripping in tears in the memories of Ritesh, who is now adorning the dreams of her new prince. In Afsana Khan and Saaj’s wedding, she made a big deal about her second marriage.

Rakhi has shared many videos from Afsana’s wedding on her Instagram. She has posted videos of the rituals where they break the bangles and the buds, in which she was seen saying that this year she will get married, in which everyone has to come. All the guests present there including Donal begin looking at her in surprise. Donal says that Kalire will break on Rakhi and she will again attend Rakhi’s wedding.

Seeing that video where Rakhi made such a statement people started to make hilarious comments on this video of Rakhi. Meanwhile, some people are expressing pleasure to see Rakhi so happy. One user wrote – ‘The buds are broken or Armaan is still stuck’. Another wrote- ‘How many will you marry’. Another user commented and wrote – ‘This gimmicky baz forgot Ritesh so soon’.

Previously another video of Rakhi Sawant went viral on social media. In that video, Rakhi was blaming herself for her separation from Ritesh. Rakhi mumbles in the video, ‘I am not weak. I love you people of the country. I love you media I love you Riteish, always… my heart beats for you. As soon as she says this, she starts crying furiously. Rakhi further says IM sorry thrice and leaves from there saying it is my fault.”