Rakhi Sawant shares the scariest physical occasion of her life; recalls getting breast surgery at 16

Rakhi Sawant constantly talks about being naive when she joined this industry. In her recent interview with ETimes spoke about the scariest physical experience of her life. She recited that when she entered Bollywood there was an enormous trend of cosmetic surgery and everyone was in the pursuit to have perfect everything.

Remembering undergoing breast surgery at the age of 16 Rakhi told that it was the scariest situation of her life. She confessed, ” Breast surgery. That was very scary. I go through breast surgery when I was 15-16. That was very frightening. I was a kid and flat. I wish to enter Bollywood. At that time, Miss World and Miss Universe were going through all surgeries. Everyone told that if you want to join Bollywood, your body and your face have to be perfect. I was insufficient at that time. So I lied down in an undertaking theatre and be aved to be a cold-to-hot girl”.

Rakhi also spoke about the struggle that she confronted in her journey. There was a time before joining Bollywood she has served as a waitress at Ambani’s party. She has got on through a lot to live the life of her dreams. Rakhi was lately in news for her separation from her husband Ritesh with whom she had arrived in Bigg Boss 15. Speaking of dealing with the divorce she told to the TOI, ” I am not happy but I am trying. I don’t want to cry, I have done a lot of hard work. I don’t want to cry for some guy who doesn’t care for me, who doesn’t love me, who doesn’t respect me. I loved him.” Rakhi is certainly one drama queen and there can clearly be no one like her!