Rakhi Sawant SAYS ex-husband Ritesh Singh CONTINUED their relationship to SAVE himself from PAYING ₹2 crores to Bigg Boss 15 team

Rakhi Sawant split from her ‘husband’ Ritesh Singh earlier this week via a statement. She disclosed that he ‘suddenly’ left her on Sunday, claiming that the legal issues with his wife got too much for him to handle. Rakhi Sawant who previously announced her separation from her ‘husband’ Ritesh Singh open up that the decision to end the relationship was his. She said in an interview that he possibly stayed longer with her than he wanted to only because he did not want to pay a ₹2 crore penalty for not being a part of the Bigg Boss 15 grand finale.

In 2019, Rakhi tied the knot with Ritesh. Nevertheless, it was later uncovered that their marriage was legally invalid as he was still married to his first wife Snigdha Priya. Talking to a publication about whether she had a feeling that Ritesh will leave her after Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi said, “Hmmm… yes. I felt he was staying in my house only to be at the Grand Finale. Bigg Boss ke contract mein hain (It is in the Bigg Boss contract) that you have to pay ₹2 crores if you don’t attend the Grand Finale. Besides, he was not touching me or kissing me in front of the media. Only I was kissing him. He is a shy person, lekin un baton se zaroor jyaada lagne laga tha (but these things gave me an inkling).”

Rakhi announced that she is ‘feeling very depressed’ after the break-up and is eating her way through grief. She divulged that Ritesh was the one to call things off. “He was with me on Friday, throughout. We woke up on Sunday very normally. Suddenly, he started packing his bags and said that he wants to separate from me as his legal issues (with his wife) have become too much. God knows who he’s spoken to during those morning hours that led him to take this step,” she told.

Recently, in an interview, Ritesh claimed that Snigdha is intentionally not signing the divorce papers, even though she is ‘settled’ in her own life with her new partner. “Bachcha bhi iske paas hai, paise bhi iske paas hai. Somehow, iski life toh settled hai. Meri life isne jaan bujh ke barbaad karke rakhi hai taaki yeh na kahin jaa sake aur kuch kar bhi na sake (She has our child and money too. Her life is settled. She has ruined my life so that I have nowhere to go),” he said while adding that he planned to legally marry Rakhi once his divorce came through.