Rakhi Sawant got charged with FIR for making fun of ‘tribal clothes’ and hurting sentiments of the tribal community

Rakhi Sawant is well-known for landing herself into controversies. Rakhi Sawant has once again landed in a legal mist this time, for allegedly ‘mocking’ the Adivasi tribal community.

The actress, who has been showing off her unique side on Instagram by sharing videos in dramatic outfits, was slapped with an FIR for allegedly ‘mocking’ the tribal community and their outfits.

Taking Ignorance of the viral video, the president of the Central Sarna Committee of Jharkhand, Ajay Tirkey, filed an FIR against Sawant for ‘hurting the feelings of tribal community’. In his complaint, Tirkey asserted that Rakhi was wearing a ‘semi-nude’ outfit that he said ‘demeans’ the tribal women and insulted the community.

In the since-deleted video, Rakhi could be heard saying, “Guys, are you looking at my new look…Today, it’s a tribal look…”


Ajay Tirkey reportedly stated that the community will protest and even threatened a violent protest until Rakhi Sawant tenders an apology. He also demanded action against the actress under suitable sections of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

Rakhi wasted no time in apologising for her remark. Claiming that she meant no disrespect, she announced that she made the comments mistakenly as she didn’t have a better word to describe her look. She clarified that her upcoming music video will see her play the role of a tribal girl from Africa. She told that she described her look like a ‘tribal look’ and couldn’t think of a Hindi alternative, hence called it the ‘Adivasi look’.


“I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Rakhi said while asking members of the tribal community to “forgive your beti.”