Rakhi Sawant defends Salman Khan’s recent court summons, says ‘He can get angry, he is human being’

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has again fallen into a legal trap. On Tuesday, Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court issued a summon against actor Salman Khan and his bodyguard for allegedly threatening and insulting a television journalist. The court further directed them to appear before it on April 5. Now, Salman’s well-known supporter, Rakhi Sawant has backed him up openly.

Rakhi, in an interview with The Times of India, said that Salman is also ‘human’ and it is natural for him to react when pressed. “See no media is ever bad, but when you become a big star, a few questions hurt you. Salman’s movies are super hit, he has millions of fans but somewhere, he has not achieved the happiness of life. I think he has got everything, but at times he is at a loss too. If you press his sore point then he too can get pissed, he is human,” she said.

“You don’t know but Salman is always stressed when his movies release, he wouldn’t want to fall in front of his fans. If someone poses a wrong question, then he can get angry, he is a real human being so he may have said something, but I don’t think anyone should file a case against him,” she added.

This case quotes an incident that dates back to an incident that happened on 24th March 2019. Ashok Pandey, a TV journalist, had filed a private complaint before the court, alleging that while he was travelling in Andheri, he had seen the actor riding a bicycle in the wee hours. He said that after taking permission from the actor’s bodyguard, he started filming him. But the actor saw it and allegedly told the bodyguard to thrash him. He further alleged that Salman assaulted him and later snatched his phone.

The court has charged Salman under section 504 (intentional insult intended to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation). For the unversed, Salman and his family have helped Rakhi financially for the treatment of her mother. She had expressed gratitude to him multiple times. He also got her on board his reality show Bigg Boss, getting her work when she needed it the most.