Rakhi Sawant bought BMW X1 worth Rs 40 lakh as a gift, months after she said she can’t afford luxury cars ‘like Salman Khan’-Video

Rakhi Sawant has been gifted a BMW X1 worth around Rs 40 lakhs. The Bigg Boss star shared a video on her Instagram account as she celebrate her new possession.

Rakhi Sawant is a proud owner of a BMW X1 priced at around Rs 40 lakh. On Tuesday, the Bigg Boss fame, who is quite active on social media, disclosed the news through an Instagram post. Rakhi makes it a point to update fans about her day-to-day life and this wasn’t an oddity.


Rakhi demonstrated the entire look of her car in the video she shared. We also saw her cutting a cake with ‘BMW’ text written on it. She posed with Adil Khan Durrani and hair and skin specialist Shelly Lather, who as per her gifted her the luxury car. Rakhi also shared a video where we could see her driving the car.


Rakhi’s good friend and actor Kashmera Shah congratulated her in the comments section.

Rakhi was sighted outside a car showroom a few months back. When the photographers asked her if she had come to purchase one, she stated she doesn’t have Rs 60 lakh. She had said then that she’s not Salman Khan to be able to afford such a luxury car.

We are humble people who travel in auto rickshaws. She’s happy with her current car too, and grateful to God for keeping her healthy, Rakhi added in the particular video.

Rakhi Sawant is known for her on-camera wit and candid confessions. She recently posted a video of her in-flight experience.


The actress left her co-passengers in shock when she expressed her wish to fly the plane. In the viral video, Rakhi said, Today, she’s thinking that she should become a pilot and fly this plane. She turned to her co-passengers and asked, “Friends, what do you say?” In response, the whole flight screamed, “Nahin (no).”