Radhe: Salman Khan, Disha Patani rocks the catchy number “Zoom Zoom’ with their romance!

Salman’s Khan new Eid release has grabbed a lot of attention with all that hype created by the media and the effective promotions by the production unit. A new song has been launched by the makers of the film. The song is titled, ‘Zoom Zoom’ which is a romantic dance number the leads of the film, Salman Khan and Disha Patani.

Among the four songs launched by the production for the film ‘Radhe’ this song is said to be catchy, addictive and a number to be hooked to. With it’s mind-blowing choreography, the song is set in Pune the heart of Maharashtra. Romanced in the Ambey Valley city, the actors swirl to the melody of the song and thus are making the audience go crazy behind the song.

Fans have taken to their twitter handles to applaud the song and call it a blockbuster. This the fourth continuous  song, after the trailer launch that has managed to get attention and fame. With all the curiosity behind the storyline, action scenes and romantic moments, the film is all set for a release soon. Salman Fans have now joined hands with Disha’s male fandom to venerate the movie with their love and support.