Priyanka Chopra opens up about being an immigrant in US as she launches homeware line. Watch

Priyanka Chopra talked about being an immigrant in the US and leaving her roots behind as she launched a new homeware line, named Sona Home. The actress said that she attempted to bring a piece of her Indian heritage to the house in the US with Sona Home. She likewise opened up about the way things were hard for her to make a second home for herself in the US after she shifted there for work, and later wedded singer-actor Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra took to her Instagram handle on Wednesday to make the announcement. In a video, she flaunted the pieces from her homeware line with Sona Home co-founder Maneesh Goyal. Discussing her new venture, the actress said, “The thing about our culture in India is family, is community, is bringing people together, and that’s what the ethos of Sona Home to me is.”

Maneesh added to this, “We want it to be like it’s so fun, if we’re having takeout or a fabulous party. Whatever we might be doing together with our friends or family, we just want it to be rooted in culture and home, and a sense of like there’s no place else I want to be.”

Priyanka continued, “That’s what Sona Home is rooted in. It’s rooted in creating a home out of a house. It’s created in helping family and friends come together and build community. And that’s like to me, is so important as an immigrant, who has moved from India. I left my roots behind, but I found you and my friends here and family here. You guys here are the family I’ve chosen and this is my adoptive country. And to be able to bring the heritage of where I grew up in and put it into homes across the country in America.”

She also opened up about shifting to America in the post’s caption, which read, “I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you all to Sona Home. It was challenging to come from India and make America my second home, but my journey led me to a place where I found a second family and friends. I bring a piece of India into everything I do and this is an extension of that thought.” She also posted pictures of the pieces in her homeware line in another post.