Priyanka Chopra meets refugee kids from Ukraine, creates art with them. Watch

Priyanka Chopra spend time with refugees from Ukraine and made art with them as she visited convention centres in Warsaw, Poland. She has been posting photos and videos from her visit to the convention centres where she has gone on behalf of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). The actress became the Global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2016 and has been associated with the organization for very nearly 10 years and a half.

Priyanka took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to post a selfie video that showed convention centres behind her. She said in the video, “These are convention centres. There are about five of these which are filled with thousands and thousands of displaced people from Ukraine.” She likewise tagged  UNICEF in the post.

Priyanka penned, “This is an expo centre in Warsaw, Poland. No comic con or a jewellery exhibition happens here…this entire place is now a safe space, a reception centre for families from Ukraine.” In the next story, she penned, “I want to emphasise, this is a mother and children crisis. 90% of the people crossing the border are mothers and children as the men are required to stay behind.”

In the next videos, Priyanka was seen spending time with the kids as they made art. She herself likewise drew something and spoke to a young girl about nations. She penned, “The common thread I have seen among kids fleeing conflict, no matter where that is, is that their art is so similar. Art therapy is used to help kids express their feelings, whether that is love, anger, hope, or fear.”

The actress likewise posted a photo of many refugees sharing a large hall, and penned, “To see first-hand people’s entire lives reduced to one fold-up cot, in a row of thousands, is truly shocking. Nist of these people fled with whatever belongings they could grab. Generally, people stay in these reception centres for one to two weeks max until they move on and settle, but there are some families who have been here for several months.”