Paresh Rawal angry at the death hoax on twitter, clears the air with a witty response

After a life full of controversy and breaking news, celebrities have another challenging, traumatic mischief to tackle with: Death Hoax. From YouTube thumbnails to twitter handles, all have proven to be deceptive and triggering in cases of death hoaxes. Recently, comedy actor Paresh Rawal has been caught up with this mischief. Here’s how he deals with it.

On the morning of Friday, May 14th 2021, the news spread that Paresh Rawal ji has passed away. But before the rumour could take any further turns, the 65-year-old actor himself voiced out his agitation over the issues. The news spread on social media after a careless user made a statement on twitter about the death of the actor. Paresh ji took a screenshot of the tweet and shared it on his social media. The actor has humorously replied to the death hoax by saying, “sorry for the misunderstanding as I slept past 7am….!”

There has been a mixed reaction of agitation, fear, relief with respect to this issue. Some fans have wished for his long life while others have made memes about him tackling with the issue. It is good to notice that the actor has taken the hoax positive and has given a very strong response to the issue. In the greed for ratings, it is sad to see how people can go up heights.

Paresh Rawal will be seen in the sequel of the 2003 movie, Hangama which also stars Shilpa Shetty and Meezan Jaafeiry among the leads.

Here’s one the sneak peaks from the cast: