Nikki Tamboli chooses Khatron Ke Khilaadi over family, says ‘Show must go on’

Nikki Tamboli lost her dear brother due to the covid disease recently. Her Instagram post expressing her grief over the demise of her loved one, left the audience heartbroken. While battling with the pain and agony, the actor has pushed herself into her professional arena to divert her mind. She has decided to go ahead with Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 for which she showed enthusiasm by posting pictures wearing the fear factor jacket.

The Bigg Boss 14 contestant posted the pictures wearing the fear factor jackets and expressed herself in the comments. She wrote about had sad she felt, caught in the moment but she feels that the show must go on and thus has decided to go ahead with her next big venture. Speaking about her priorities, Nikki says that her family always stands before her career but especially at this time, when she is at peak, her father has supported her in says that she show go ahead with the show. Nikki also believes that her brother would be the happiest to watch her on screen and being successful in life. Tamboli also says that she shows to be strong in front of the audience but in her real world, only her family knows about all that she is going through.

The reality show diva further says,

I m going for my brother, for my family and to overcome my fear where as I know there are hundreds and millions of people who are praying for my family & my brother & I am going to go achieve all of that with the support of my guardian angel my dada.
I wanted my brother to come out of hospital and see me in khatron
But that won’t happen, but now he will be the closest one to watch me from above.
I am fighting my pain to see my brother happy and he will be my shield forever.