‘Never Have I Ever’: Netflix Drops season 2 Trailer, web series premieres in July

Netflix says fans to Buckle up for some steamy teen romance . The trailer for the streaming service’s ” Never Have I Ever ” has arrived.

Mindy Kaling creator of  Never Have I Ever states that the new season of the Coming – of – age series will introduce some new characters.  Netflix unveiled a few stills from Never Have I Ever Season 2 on social media which has got its fans excited.

The Never Have I Ever upcoming series,  inspired by the former ” The Office ” star’s childhood,  hits Netflix on April 27 . Per the streaming service,  ” Never Have I Ever ” centers on the complicated life of Devi ( Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) ,a modern – day first – generation Indian American teenage girl.  Devi is an overachiever with a short fuss that often gets her into difficult situations.

Netflix taking over Instagram and captioned it, ” if you’re excited for the new season,  we have a alot in common.

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