Mumtaz opens up about love for Shammi Kapoor, reveals why their marriage ‘wouldn’t have worked’

There was a moment when Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor were amuck in love with each other reportedly. However, the couple didn’t end up getting wedded as Mumtaz declined to marry Shammi Kapoor due to Kapoor’s being exceptionally strict with their daughter-in-law. In one of her interactions, Mumtaz reportedly disclosed how she was questioned to leave her work after wedding to Shammi and she chose her career over him. “I wanted to act. I wanted to achieve something. The Kapoor family was strict about their bahus not working in films”.

She had even disclosed to ETimes, ” Shammi Kapoor was very loving and caring with me. Nobody would believe that we were in love. Nobody believed that I had said ‘no’ to him for marriage because Shammi’s status in riches was higher; they said ‘how can Mumtaz refuse Shammi?”.

In her recent conversation with Pinkvilla, Mumtaz remembered how she was madly in love with Shammi and he liked her too and expressed her sadness that they didn’t end up getting wedded, ” I was only around 17. He was 18 years older than me. It was too early for me to get married. Mujhe kucch banna tha. (I wanted to achieve something).” She even further said that they parted ways mutually and they both understood that if they would have been married it wouldn’t have ended up. She even applauded his second wife Neela Devi and named her a wonderful lady and spoke of that she fitted him well and took his very promising care.

Well, speaking about Kapoor bahus, Neetu Kapoor in Babita Kapoor too left their acting career after getting wedded to Rishi Kapoor in Randhir Kapoor respectively. However today things have shifted. And the latest Kapoor bahu Alia Bhatt is provoking all the positive change. She is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood and her laws comprising Neetu Kapoor are very happy with her acting career, In fact, Neetu Ji too is back on screen and her fans in love with her second innings.