Mukesh Khanna slams the trolls spreading rumors about his death

Mukesh Khanna, who played the famous role of Shaktimaan, gets disappointed by the behavior of those who spread fake news about his death. He considered it as a sensitive matter and not a sensational matter.

Last week, the actor dismissed the rumours of his death and now he shared a video on his social media warning the culprit of police action. He slams those who are spreading the fake news about someone death even in this time when country is fighting with COVID-19 crisis.

By sharing the video on his Instagram handel, he captioned it in Hindi, “Who spread the false news of my death! After seven days of silence in the mourning of my sister, I am breaking my silence today, and I am asking the first question to the person or people who spread the false news of my death on social media. Do you have parents, siblings and grandparents in your house? If false news about any of them spreads in this way, then your family members and well-wishers who know you will be in anguish. Do you have any idea? Some weak-hearted people can get shocked. Do you have a conscience or not? Is there even a little feeling of sensitivity in you or not? If it were, you would never do such abusive acts. That, too, when we wish for each other to be healthy and have a long life.” 

“Before this, you have posted such false news for many actors. What do you get out of this? Some views on your social media account! What a poor thought you guys have. I will expose your people and you will have to bear the brunt of it. I have expressed my thoughts and anguish in this video of mine. Look and do not forward such rumours, without knowing their truth,” he concluded.