Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu sued by Upasana Singh for ‘breach of contract’, FIND OUT

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu made India glorious after she got the crown of Miss Universe in the year 2021. She carried the coveted title home after 21 long years. Presently, she is blowing the headlines as she has docked in legal trouble after actress and producer Upasana Singh registered a civil suit against Harnaaz Sandhu in the Chandigarh district court on Thursday for ‘breach of contract.’ Harnaaz was all aunch up to make her debut in the entertainment industry with the forthcoming Punjabi movie Bai Ji Kuttange.

Upasana told that Harnaaz has now rejected to give dates for the movie promotions even after having signed an agreement to make herself ready in person and virtually. Upasana further said that she lent Harnaaz an opportunity in the movie when she was not the Miss Universe. “I gave Harnaaz a chance to act in the movie ‘Bai ji Kuttange’. Not only this, but I also made ‘Yaara Diyan Poo Baran’ in which Harnaaz is the heroine as well,” revealed Upasana outside the court. Further, Upasana told, “Harnaaz was supposed to give us 25 days from her schedule but she did not, we requested her to give us 5 days but she did not.”

She announced that the movie is not a small budget and she has used up a huge amount on this picture. Upasana has also alleged damages of Rs 1 crore from Harnaaz. Not just Bai ji Kuttange, she also made Harnaaz the female lead in the Punjabi movie, Yaara Diyan Poo Baran.

However, apart from Harnaaz, Bai Ji Kuttange also headlines Dev Kharoud and Gurpreet Ghuggi and is helmed by Smeep Kang. Apart from backing the movie, Upasana Singh has also acted in it.