Madhuri Dixit aims to spread motivation through simple remedies, shares a fascinating reel

We are all surviving in these tough times of the pandemic. While we try to keep ourselves positive with our outlook towards the helpless situation, several celebrities’ who are often our source of inspiration, have taken to their Instagram handles to spread love, motivation and concern. Dancing diva and Bollywood beauty, Madhuri Dixit Nene, has been super active on her social media recently. She has shared a post which truly motivates people to sail though these boring and procrastinating days of the pandemic.

The video that Madhuri has posted begins with the soothing strings of the guitar which is just right to make one’s morning mood. Further, the video goes on to show the actress perform a number of household chores that we can enjoy. Simply things like cooking and cleaning can surely get us busy. Madhuri’s video also motivates her fans to engage in a lot of time with family and pets with movie marathons, some dancing, gardening and chit-chat. Exercise and and reading call for mental peace and a fresh day which is exactly what the video urges people to perform. All and all, the video is an example of a perfect day during the pandemic where simple duties which we couldn’t perform alongside our busy schedules, can be fulfilled now.

Madhuri Dixit and her husband Dr. Ram Nene have also been vocal about the awareness related to the pandemic and the correct use of utilities pertaining to the disease. Their Instagram handles have posts that aim at making people ready and fit to battle the virus.