Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi calls out Sara Khan saying “Aap Sati Savitri Bani Phirti Ho” Over Smoking Cigarettes

Kangana Ranaut’s debut reality show, Lock Upp is constantly gaining headlines. Be it because of Kangana as the host or the 14 jailed contestants of this season. Locked inside are controversial contestants like Munawar Faruqui, Poonam Pandey, Shivam Sharma, Nisha Rawal and many more. And amongst so many voices together, the loudness is natural. In a recent episode, inmates Payal Rohatgi and Sara Khan were seen indulging in a high voltage fight over the food that was cooked by the former.

The conversation started as a bunch of inmates were seen complaining about the food that was cooked by Payal Rohatgi, claiming that she had added too much garam masala in it. When Shivam Sharma refused to have the food to avoid acidity, Payal pointed out how smoking also leads to the same stomach issues but nobody complains about that. She specifically brought Sara Khan into the conversation and highlighted how she smokes as well.

Shivam Sharma, who has expressed his feelings for Sara Khan in the past, went on to tell her all about Payal Rohatgi’s claims. He told her that Payal said, “Sara din bhar cigarette phoonkti rehti hai ” and Payal was quick to intervene and correct his words. Tehseen Poonawalla also joined the conversation just then, asking Payal to not mention Sara’s smoking habit as her family is also watching the show. “Her family should also know that she smokes.”, Payal Rohatgi retaliated which instantly left Sara Khan upset.

As a response, Sara said, “My family will know what I want to tell them and they already know everything. You don’t become my mother and tell.” The fight escalated further when Payal Rohatgi was heard saying, “I have been talking about passive smoking for the past many days. Aap sati savitri bani phirti ho. Bolo na hum bhi smoke karte hain. Smoke in the open, why hide about it, at least, Poonam doesn’t hide.” A few minutes later Sara Khan was seen crying. Speaking about the incident. She explained to Nisha Rawal how she does not wish to cross certain limitations in front of her family out of respect.