Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi and Nisha Rawal opens up on being bipolar as Zeeshan Khan jokes about it

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp is making revelations about the contestants way more than they would have ever spoken publicly. In a recent episode, Nisha Rawal was seen getting angry as the new entrant Zeeshan Khan joked about bipolarity and said Azma Fallah was bipolar. Nisha had earlier revealed that she has been diagnosed with bipolarity. In the process of calming Nisha down, Payal Rohatgi also opened up about being through the same mental condition.

It all started when after winning a task, Zeeshan was talking about Azma’s whims and said, “She does not want to take the friendly hand that we offer. Either she is bipolar…” Nisha immediately stopped him and said, “Zeeshan, see I am clinically bipolar. You do not know what it means. It’s best you take it back, the message won’t go rightly.” Zeeshan apologised and said, “Forget it, I am sorry. I take it back, alright anyway. Either she has two people trapped in her that come out at different times.”

Further, Nisha did not say anything else but walked away and Payal followed her to the bathroom area. Payal urged Nisha to take things lightly at times as the environment inside the Lock Upp was already heavy. Payal said, “Nisha! Do you know, even I was diagnosed with bipolar. I know what you are feeling right now or are going through or what you want to address. But please understand we need to be a little light sometimes because the situation gets heavy otherwise. He (Zeeshan) is a kid, no adult. “

Nisha got further infuriated and said, “I don’t give three fu*** about the kids on the show. They can go back to their mammas.” Azma then promised to make Zeeshan pay for what he did. Later, Azma spit on Zeeshan’s bed when she could not empty a garbage bag on the bed and had an ugly tussle with him. Produced by Ekta Kapoor, Lock Upp streams 24*7 on Alt Balaji and Mx Player.