Kubbra Sait opens up on being bullied, says ‘people used to call her Cobra’

Actress Kubbra Sait’s debut as an author titled Open Book is good to go to release on June 27, HarperCollins India announced last month. In a recent interaction, Kubbra spoke about the ‘bullying’ she faced while she was in school and how she encapsulated her experience in her book.

In a new interaction with ETimes, while speaking about her book, Kubbra recalled when she was bullied and people used to call her Cobra and Medusa.  She said, “My name’s Kubbra, I was called Cobra. My hair was curly, I was called Medusa. I have never allowed anyone to body shame me but I was bullied in school because of the colour of my eyes. Today I will not meet someone on a date 2 if they haven’t already complimented my eyes on date 1 (Laughs). But the same eyes changed me. I didn’t embrace my name for the longest time. I would have changed it long back if I had a choice. Only when I looked into the meaning of the name (Kubbra means ‘the great one’) did I understand the energy that my name was giving me. How can I not make my life worthwhile?”

She also said, “I used to have a fake laugh to be seen and heard. I would be the last one to laugh in a room so that people would notice me and someone pointed that out to me. We don’t realise how much our past memories affect us. I didn’t want these stories to buried inside. I went through highs and lows and wrote it in a non linear way so that anyone can read it from anywhere.”

Kubbra made her Bollywood debut in 2011 with Salman Kahn’s Ready.