Karan Kundra asks non-VIP members to boycott the VIP members, Bigg Boss intervenes

With the introduction of the wildcard entries in the house of Big Boss 15, The VIP and non-VIP contestants were asked to participate in a task in which Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shamita Shetty were made the sanchalaks.

Devoleena expelled Umar Riaz from a task since he got physically violent with Ritesh during the task. When Bigg Boss asked the sanchalaks to announce the winner of the task, Devoleena refused to accept Shamita’s decision. This led to a huge fight between the VIP and non-VIP members; hence, they decided to torture the VIP members.

Further, Karan Kundrra asked the Non-VIP members to boycott all the household chores and not do any of the duties assigned by them. Non- VIP contestants even refused to give them tea and Umar Riaz destroyed the bedroom area completely. They also entered the VIP room and started eating things from there, which they were not allowed to have. Further on they sat, chatted, and danced around there. Rakhi Sawant and Rashami Desai got angry at them and warned them of the grave consequences but they did not listen.

Later, Bigg Boss announced that he would like to speak to the non-VIP members. The announcement by Bigg Boss leaves Karan Kundrra, Nishant Bhat, Umar Riaz, Shamita Shetty, and others disappointed. Shamita started crying and requested to eliminate her this week as she didn’t want to stay in the show anymore.