Karan Johar opens up about his friendship with Anil Kapoor, recalls how he helped him

Karan Johar as of late said that Anil Kapoor was the first friend he made in the wake of entering the Bollywood industry. Karan recalled how Anil Kapoor helped him and director Aditya Chopra when they went to their attended their first Bollywood party, where nobody was conversing with them. Karan said that Anil, who was a superstar at the time, only hung out with him and Aditya at the party.

The trailer of the JugJugg Jeeyo was launched at an event in Mumbai on Sunday. Karan, who mediated the event, talked about his friendship with Anil as he introduced him on the stage.

Karan said, “Undoubtedly my first friend in the business, and I mean that. Me and Aditya Chopra were at a party once and no one was talking to us. We were young and just excited to be at a film party, and then there was a superstar who walked toward us and only hung out with us.”

He added, “From then on, I felt love for him, and that love just grew into more love, respect remained, but the fact that he is the youngest man even today and works with the energy of a millennial, just speaks for itself. There is nobody, and I repeat nobody that can match the energy of this outstanding artist.”