Kapil Sharma’s stand-up comedy special I’m Not Done Yet’s first trailer released, WATCH

The trailer of comedian Kapil Sharma’s highly anticipated Netflix special, I Am Not Done Yet, is out and the comedian has kept his commitment to reciting his life story, his way. The self-deprecatory stand-up act has the comedian putting pot-shots at himself, his passion for tipple and tweets after that, as well as his love life with wife Ginny Chatrath.

However, in the new promo for Kapil’s Netflix stand-up, the comedian says to everyone that his father said him about the house and his sister’s wedding but he didn’t say him whom to settle down with. He said, “I knew whom to settle down with. That was Ginni, my wife.” He then questioned Ginni, who’s sitting in the audience, “What made you fall in love with a scooter owner?”

Ginni, who rarely makes a public appearance, replied, “Everyone falls in love with a rich guy. I thought of doing some charity for this poor guy.” The audience began laughing, along with Bharti Singh, who was sitting with Ginni.

At another point, Kapil told that he would always practice in front of the mirror telling, ‘I am not done yet’, which is incidentally the title of his stand-up. He told, “One day, Ginni threw a pillow at me and screamed ‘We had two babies in one and half years. What’s your plan?’”

Kapil Sharma addressed his infamous tweet to PM Narendra Modi and how OB vans came outside his house the following morning. He told, “I thought they were fire brigade vans. I asked my cook, whether there had been a fire. He answered, ‘You caused one on Twitter!” Kapil also told, “Not all the tweets were mine, some were from Jack Daniel… based on that, you can’t ‘black label’ some artistes, I mean blacklist.”

The stand-up also starred Kapil’s mother, his wife, and pals from The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil’s stand-up special, named I’m Not Done Yet, will stream on Netflix from January 28.