Kangana Ranaut says oxygen plants and cylinders are “forcefully drawing oxygen from the environment”

Where people are running short of oxygen due to the pandemic and people are rushing everywhere to find some oxygen, Kangana Ranaut still seem to be oblivious of the dire situation.

Today, she took to twitter and tweeted that the people making oxygen plants and getting oxygen cylinders are forcefully taking oxygen from the environment. She also asked how are we going to compensate for this. She further added to her tweet and said that those who are taking oxygen for their treatment should give it back to the environment, by pledging to improve the air quality.

Where there are so many people struggling, in such situation, Kangna Ranaut is making controversial statements one on the other. Previously, she posted a video on her Instagram where she said that journalists that are showing pictures of dead bodies lying for cremation are ruining the image of our country.