Kamaal Khan expresses his wish to remake ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ in an interview with ETimes

Kamaal Khan who is enjoying the sucess of his latest songs ‘Seeti Mar’ and ‘Dil De Diya’ from the film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ talked to ETimes recently.

About his latest release ‘Seeti Maar’ and ‘Dil De Diya’ he said ‘With ‘Seeti Maar’, I recorded the song and then it was sent to the music director who approved it. Had he not approved it, maybe they would have tried other singers. I was fortunate that the song got approved and he loved it. And the same happened with ‘Dil De Diya’ and Himesh Reshammiya. The song had been recorded by somebody else before I recorded it, and then obviously, my version was approved’

Have a look at the interview here:

He also talked about his infamous song ‘O O Jaane Jana’, and expressed his wish to remake the song. He said ‘I think this is one song that I personally would love to remake’.

O O Jaane Jaana came out in 1998 and became an anthem for the younger generation of that time.