Janhvi Kapoor reveals she is ‘happily single but lonely at times’; shares message for her future boyfriend

Janhvi Kapoor is happily single yet has additionally uncovered that she feels lonely at times. The actress had affirmed being single during her most recent appearance on Koffee With Karan. She additionally clarified that if someone is looking to come to her for healing, should better stay away.

Speaking about her personal life during her appearance on The Ranveer Show, Janhvi shared, “I am happy being single. I am lonely at times.” However, for those looking to date her, she made it clear, “I only attract things that need to be healed. I am sick of it. If you want healing, get out, don’t come here.”

As if hinting at a past relationship, Janhvi said, “Intimacy has become so accessible that its very convenient to get it whenever they want it and that also makes people too scared to commit to it. They are too intimidated by intimacy and they also get access to it at their convenience which keeps them away from making a real connection with anyone.”

Janhvi was likewise asked to share a message for her future boyfriend. She just said, “Be nice to me, make me laugh, I think I will be good to you, I will be there for you.”

Janhvi showed up alongside Sara Ali Khan on Koffee With Karan season 7 last month. Karan uncovered on the show that the two actors once dated two brothers who used to live in his building. A couple of years prior, Janhvi was rumoured to be in relationship with her Dhadak co-star Ishaan Khatter.