Jacqueline Fernandez admits receiving luxury gifts from Sukesh Chandrasekhar; Persian cats worth Rs 9 lakhs and much more

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was recently questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in relation with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s extortion case of Rs. 200 crores. The actress has ultimately unveiled to the ED that she had received luxury gifts from Sukesh. From private jets, helicopter rides, Persian cats, diamond sets, expensive branded bags to a lot more. Here is a list of expensive gifts that Jacqueline received from the conman Sukesh.

– Conman Sukesh gifted an Arabian horse that costs 52 lakh rupees to Jacqueline.

– Reportedly, Jacqueline had also received three Persian cats each worth rupees 9 lakh from Sukesh.

– Conman Sukesh had gifted a diamond set with 15 pairs of earrings to Jacqueline worth Rs. 7 crores.

– Sukesh had also gifted designer bags of brands like Gucci and Chanel to Jacqueline.

– He had also gifted two Gucci brand gym outfits, several pairs of Louis Vuitton brand footwear, two Hermes brand bracelets, many Rolex brand watches, and much more to Jacqueline worth in crores.

– Sukesh also gifted an expensive Mini Cooper and BMW X5 car to the actress.

– He had also gifted Maserati car to Jacqueline’s parents and a Porsche car from Bahrain to her mother.